Basic Benefits of Fiber Optic Network Cabling

Fiber optic network cabling has several benefits versus copper cabling. In the past we have gone into detail about these benefits but I would like to revisit that topic with very short, basic understanding in laymen terms for ease of understanding.

Simpler to manage

It makes sense to invest in a single cabling infrastructure. Not only is it more cost effective than investing in two discrete cabling networks, it is generally much easier to manage.

Greater flexibility

Replaces multiple wiring systems with a single, unified infrastructure that carries data in any format, from voice to video. Whether you want to connect a PC, telephone or fax, you simply plug in the appropriate adapter to the socket!

Future-proof solution

It has the ability to carry high bandwidth which means you are investing in a solution that will be able to support emerging applications. You’re safe in the knowledge that your cabling infrastructure won’t become out-dated in a few years.

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