Cable Management Systems

When it comes to installing fiber optic cabling to your network, it is important to remember that there are reasons why cables are run the way they are. A professional cabling company like Shoreworx Communications uses cable management systems. This goes for copper cabling (Category 5e, Category 6, etc), as well. When working on your network, it is imperative to follow standard procedures regarding where NOT to run cables. For example, you will not want to run your cables parallel with electrical cords as this can create interference, causing your transmissions to run slowly, or even not at all. You also do not want your cables hanging down and becoming spaghetti-like. This will take a lot of time to figure out which cable belongs where, even when labelled correctly, you will spend time untangling everything.

Shoreworx Communications uses horizontal as well as vertical cable managers. These are racks designed to hold cabling while routing it to the end user from your data room. We also use Velcro straps to help keep them even more organized. We use labels at each end of the cable in order to make any work done on your network easier.

Keeping your cables organized will not only make maintenance on them easier, but will also make them less of a hassle to clean while you are doing your recommended quarterly cleaning, as you do NOT want dust or debris of any kind to ever build up on your equipment.

Contact Shoreworx today to schedule your free site survey. We will meet with you on site to discuss your needs and help you determine which types of cable management system works best for your situation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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