If your business still uses 10-year-old networking equipment, we have a simple solution: a complete upgrade of your structured cabling. Remember a time when 56 kbps dial-up Internet was cutting edge technology, but around the turn of the century, broadband connections, like DSL and cable, started to spring up.


Copper telephone lines used to be sufficient for basic phone calls and Internet browsing. Nobody needs a fast Internet connection to read emails or send text documents. Times have changed, several :

  • Streaming Internet radio and videos
  • Teleconferencing
  • Transferring 100 MB and larger files

All of these tasks require significantly more bandwidth, and your old hardware will eventually impact your bottom line. If employees cannot access the information they need, productivity will adversely affected. Shoreworx Communications offers a full range of structured cabling options. Our experts will inspect your current infrastructure and make recommendations based on your current bandwidth needs, and many of our customers decide to upgrade their electrical and structured cabling at the same time to minimize costs.

Voice Communications

Nothing beats good old fashioned telephones for communicating with clients and coworkers. Shoreworx Communications will install or upgrade telephone systems. We can also help you configure VoIP solutions that let you communicate over your Internet connection instead of a dedicated telephone line. You will still have a phone number, and in most respects, your phone experience will be identical to a conventional phone service but with the added benefits of increased flexibility, mobility, and productivity.


More bandwidth is required for the constant evolution of technology. As you hire additional employees and upgrade your computers, you will quickly find that your aging network can no longer handle the increased load. To bring your LAN (Local Area Network) up to speed.

  • Cat 6, Cat6e
  • Fiber optics
  • HDMI

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