Your data is your business. Security is ours.

Let the experts at Shoreworx manage and secure your network so you can focus on your core business applications. Our services include:

  • State-of-the-art security infrastructure and technology
  • Monitoring by security experts 24x7x365 to ensure ongoing availability of your applications
  • In addition to our comprehensive suite of services, you can trust that our enterprise-grade data centers will provide a safe, reliable, always-on environment

Here's how Shoreworx security services protect your organization:

Managed Network Security

Managed Firewall Services

Our Managed Firewall services are powered by an award winning, industry-leading firewall solution. Supporting multiple security zones, we provide onsite monitoring, VPN availability, security policy audits, firewall patching and updates, network address translation, and onsite hardware sparing in the event of a failure.

Intrusion Detection/Prevention Services

Shoreworx's high-speed Intrusion Detection/Prevention service continually scans for anomalous, inappropriate, and unauthorized access attempts at the edge of your network. Our IDPS offering captures and inspects all network traffic, sending you email alerts when there's danger, and alerting Shoreworx's NOC in the event of an escalation.

Managed Perimeter Service

A combination of Intrusion Detection/Prevention, VPN, and Firewall services, the Managed Perimeter Service protects your network against external attacks, stops unauthorized access to protect against worms, trojans, and other malicious data from entering and taking down your network. Fully monitored by Shoreworx experts 24x7x365, you can rest assured that your network is protected.

Data Systems Security

Anti-Malware Agent

Our Anti-Malware Agent software works in the background on your server, detecting malicious code, anti-spyware, phishing attempts, viruses, and other malignant technologies attempting to gain control of your systems. With our service you'll reduce the risk of exploits to your systems.

Log Management Services

Keeping a record of network and systems activity is easy with Shoreworx's Log Management Service. We consolidate and organize up to a year's worth of log events from network devices and systems, providing detailed insight into the health of your individual devices and common infrastructure in real-time.  

File and Database Integrity Verification

Risk prevention is at the core of our File and Database Integrity Verification service, which protects critical IT configurations by aligning them with access and security best practices and policies. We mix integrity monitoring with comprehensive compliance and network security policy management allowing you to perform a full forensic analysis on your systems and data and comb through a complete audit trail.

Managed Global Directory Authentication Service

Through our Managed Global Directory Authentication service, you'll have named user credentials to give you access into your systems, as opposed to providing general access to users. By giving each user an individual logon, you'll be shoring up the integrity of your system's security. As an added benefit, we provide an audit trail so that you can see who did what and when within your environment.