Data Centers – The White Glove Test

In the past I have spoken about the importance of a clean data center. This is something that we cannot stress enough so I thought it would be worth mentioning again. You have to make sure that your data center is a clean room. This will ensure that you do not have issues with dust and debris getting into your very sensitive equipment. You should be able to use a white glove and run your hand over everything with zero dirt on the glove afterwards. It sounds like a lot, and it is. If you want to keep your data center running properly, this is what it takes.

Clean Quarterly at minimum to insure your data center stays up and running properly. Your sub-floor plenum should be cleaned annually, at the very least. Debris should never accumulate in the sub-floor. Dust, mold spores, etc will come up through small openings in the sub-floor. Once airborne, they will get into the equipment’s vent intake and under the floor fire alarm sensors. Seal all of the raised floor cable cutouts with brushed grommets to help reduce the containments from coming through. Use a HEPA filter vacuum to make sure to get all debris from under your data center sub-floor.

You should also clean your HVAC and CRAC (computer room air conditioner). This can be labor intensive, however, it will help prevent outside contaminants from entering your data center.

Be sure to change the filter and clean the air duct return. Also, check the AC belts. If they are bad or out of alignment, they will create black dusty coating on your sub-floor.

Vacuum above drop tiles in ceiling in the voids. You will also want to wipe down any overhead raceways. We recommend clean room ceiling tiles. If you have fissured tiles, they continuously flake, leaving microscopic particles that will cover everything from your filters to your disc surfaces and circuit boards.

These tasks take time but it is worth it as it can extend the life of your system.

 For more tips on cleaning your data center, please contact Shoreworx Communications at 440-808-8448 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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