The performance you need, the simplicity you want, the scalability you require

At Shoreworx, we believe that customers shouldn't have to settle for a storage platform that doesn't meet all of their needs. Our Storeworx Storage solutions are designed to optimize performance, remove complexity, and balance growth; all of which are key considering the data explosion we've experience over the past few years. Why spend time managing data when your priorities are organizational growth and customer support? Let the certified storage experts at Shoreworx to alleviate the headaches often associated with time consuming data management, so you can concentrate on core IT initiatives.

Storeworx Storage – SSD (Solid State Drive)

With Storeworx SSD Storage, customers can rest assured their most demanding workloads are performing at the highest level. By eliminating variability, interruptions, over provisioning, and “noisy neighbors” we are able to offer a premium storage platform designed to maximize performance.


  • Multiple performance tiers
  • Self-healing data protection
  • Independent control of volume size and IOPS
  • Available in combination with Storeworx Private Cloud

Storeworx™ Storage – SAN (Storage Area Network)

Shoreworx Storeworx SAN Storage effortlessly scales with the growth of your business while optimizing disk utilization, increasing availability, decreasing backup times, and maximizing performance for your high I/O applications.


  • RAID 5 and RAID 10 options
  • Near Line and FC Drive configurations
  • Available in combination with Storeworx Cloud, Collocation, and Dedicated Hosting

Storeworx™ Storage – NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Customers interested in file-based storage can utilize Storeworx™ NAS Storage. NAS Storage reduces the complexity of data management, simplifies file sharing, and improves storage efficiency, all at an affordable price.


  • Built-in support for CIFS and NFS
  • Snapshot management
  • Available in combination with Storeworx Cloud, Colocation, and Dedicated Hosting

Our goal is to provide full service storage solutions that make it easy to do business. Shoreworx Storeworx™ Storage includes redundant connections for maximum uptime, continuous hardware health checks and monitoring, comprehensive testing, hardware maintenance, and of course – our industry best service.