By adding our Custom Monitoring Service to your environment, not only will you be able to gain insight into the performance of your infrastructure, but you will also be able to bypass expensive software licensing, maintenance and upgrade fees and save valuable resources that would be better invested elsewhere.

Choose from one of six network application monitoring packages, all of which include ticket generation and event notification:

  • Our Core Fire-Connect Package includes an up/down monitor of an IP address, port, or service.
  • Our Premier Fire-Connect Package includes up to 10 up/down monitors and/or URL response points.
  • Our Core Package includes up to 10 standard monitors which can be either port level, OS or application related.
  • Our Application Premier Package allows for up to 10 standard application probes—a must have for resource intensive server-side applications.
  • Our Core Response Time Package allows for up to 10 standard response time probes, which monitor how long it will take for a server to respond to a request. Response time probes are critical to understanding whether your server's performance is meeting your needs.
  • Our Premier Response Time Package includes up to five web-based, customer-defined synthetic transactions tests. This package is ideal if you want to test the response time of your application in the user experience. For example, if you have an eCommerce application on the server, you can set up a database transaction and test the response time of a checkout procedure within your application.