Knowing What Not To Do When It Comes To Network Cabling Part. 1

Knowing What Not To Do When It Comes To Network Cabling Part. 1


Network Cabling Cleveland can be complicated and intricate, especially if you are someone who doesn’t have experience with this type of cabling infrastructure. Sabotaging your own system can happen when you don’t have the required expertise, knowledge, and experience. With such an array of technologies when it comes to network cabling, even the best of the best technicians can make mistakes while installing network cabling. If those with years of experience and training can forget some key points when it comes network cabling then a person with limited knowledge is bound to make some key mistakes.

Network cabling should involve the future of your business

Avoiding the look into the future. While Cat5 cabling may be a less expensive route, but it’s important to think about the future of your telecommunications system. With this being said, it’s wise not to install anything less than Cat5e cabling. It is also smart to install cabling that will give you the option to upgrade in the future. Most up-to-date applications require high speed and good memory. It is also important to keep in mind the need for future application. Labor is usually the most expensive part of having a communications network installed so it makes sense to have Ca5 or Cat6 cabling which will offer a solid option for future needs.


Many companies find the need for Fiber Optic Cabling.  Some companies will steer the customer toward an all Single Mode Fiber Network. Not knowing or thinking about the need for a laser optimized fiber can lead to a major headache, should the need for a 10 gig or 40 gig networks, over a shorter span become necessary. Be sure and consult a professional with years of experience when installing fiber optic networks.

Skimping on cable management. Often time’s, business owners are more focused on the installation of their network cabling system and overlook the need to manage the cables involved. Using a ladder rack is the most efficient way to manage your cables, especially when more cable is added on at a later time. Cables should be labeled or color-coded cables can be used for identification. Vertical Cable Managers can be used on the sides of a rack. Horizontal Cable Managers can be used in between your patch panels. There are many different styles and brands on the market. Your cabling professional will have the best price, as they are able to buy in bulk and should pass that savings on to the customer.

Using different voice and data cabling. It used to be that voice cabling was cheaper than data cabling and twisted pair cabling was altogether inexpensive. Single pair wires were used for voice while more expensive cabling was used for data. These days the cabling wire itself is not what drives up the cost; installation does. With VoIP phone systems being more popular, voice is considered a data need which requires data-level cabling. Don’t assume that you can use older cabling for voice if you are running a separate cable for the phone. Be sure to match the data cable type.

Beware of noisy fixtures and devices. Any type of device that sheds electrical or magnetic interference can wreak havoc on your cabling solution. Be sure to leave a cabling pathway that will avoid these kinds of devices from interrupting or causing noise during transmission.

Don’t run cable data cables parallel with electrical cables. Data cabling consists of unshielded twisted pairs that that holds a magnetic field generated by a low voltage that runs through the cable. When run parallel with electric cables, that magnetic field can become disrupted which makes communication noisy and can even result in transmissions to not even make it from point A to point B. If going near an electrical power line, cross cable perpendicular instead of parallel.

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