Knowing Your Stuff

The benefits of hiring a professional structured cabling company far outweigh the quality you will get when using someone who has not gone through the proper training. There are several factors to consider besides just connecting the cable to your network system. Procedures must be followed in order to maintain a running system as well as a safe one. If you use the wrong type of cable, it will not transmit data properly, or even at all, costing you more money to re-cable everything. You must also know the standards of how to run the cables, from keeping them away from certain electrical lines to avoid interference, to knowing how ling a run can be before you start having issues with slow transmissions and everything in between.

There are certain types of cables for different areas of your building. You must adhere to the codes in order to stay in compliance with regulations. A cable rated for outdoor use  only, if used indoors could potentially cause problems in regards to safety. For example, if that cabling were to be used inside and the unlikely event of a fire broke out in the building, the wrong type of cabling could let off fumes that are much, much more hazardous that that of cabling that is rated for that space. That is only one example, but you understand how important it is to know all of the ins and outs of structured cabling.

Shoreworx Communications is that company. We will meet with you to evaluate your needs and recommend the best options for your network. Call us today to schedule your free site survey.

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