Choosing The Right Cable For Your Network

Choosing The Right Cable For Your Network

When having your new cabling installed for your network, you must understand a few things that will keep your system running properly. We will discuss the different types of cable today. It is important to use the correct cables for your needs.

  • Cat 3 was used primarily for low speed data and voice. It has a maximum of 10Mbps. As this is the least expensive route, we do not recommend using Category 3 as there are much better quality cables to be used, which keep up with the ever evolving technologies.
  • Cat 4 was used for the same applications as Cat 3, except having a speed a little faster at 16 Mbps. Still, not enough to keep up with today’s demands.
  • Cat 5 became the go-to cable for high speed data due to fast Ethernet, Category 5 became the standard and runs at 100 Mbps.
  • Cat 5e has become a replacement for Cat 5 due to the replacement of Fast Ethernet with Gigabit Ethernet. Category 5e can run at 1,000 Mbps.
  • Cat 6 can handle the newer 10-Gig Ethernet speed, making your network extremely fast and proficient.

We recommend nothing less than Category 5e  for data and voice as it will not hold up against the expanding technologies.

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