Network Cabling – What Not To Do

Network Cabling – What Not To Do

There are several factors that go into a good structured cabling job. The process can be very complicated. If you do not have experience with network cabling infrastructure, it can be easy to sabotage your own system. We must always keep up to date on the current technology, as well as brushing up on what is already known. Even the best technicians can sometimes forget some key points, which is why we are listing a few of the important things to remember.

It is important to think about the future of your company when you think about Network cabling; adding new employees, changing the layout of your work space, etc… Cat5e cabling is the less expensive way to go, however, we do not recommend going any lower than Cat5e. It is ideal to install cabling that is able to be upgraded if necessary, that will save a lot of money in the future. Labor is usually the most expensive part of an installation of this type. Category 6 can “Future Proof” most smaller networks as it will provide speeds of up to 1GBPS, more than most small businesses will ever use at the single user end device.

If you find the need for Fiber Optic Cabling, some companies will try to point you towards an all Single Mode Fiber Network not thinking about the need for a laser optimized fiber can lead to major issues in the event that a 10 gig or 40 gig networks is needed in the future. A professional with years of experience, like us here at Shoreworx Communications can assist you in finding the best solution for your needs.

Some of the important things to keep in mind are:

Cable Management

There is more than just installing cable to make your network run. There are wire managers that need to be taken into account, this holds your cables in place, keeps them from drooping, catching on something or looking messy. It can be a nightmare trying to figure out what goes where when you are trying to work on the network. There are different types of cable managers, vertical can be used on the sides of a rack and horizontal can be used in between patch panels.

Voice and Data Cabling

VoIP Phone Systems are becoming more and more popular. Voice is considered data and a data-level cable must be used for these types of phones. If you have older cabling, do not assume that you can use it for your phone, it must be the proper cabling type. An experienced company like Shoreworx will assist you with that.

Noisy Devices and Fixtures

Be sure to avoid electrical or magnetic interference by using a cable pathway. All devices that shed electrical or magnetic interference will be bad news for your network.

Electrical and Data Cables Must Never Run Parallel with Each Other

Data cabling consists of twisted and unshielded pairs that will generate low voltage which will cause a magnetic field. The magnetic field can become disrupted and create noise and sometimes result in transmissions not making it from point A to point B.

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