Network Upgrade – Things To Remember

When it comes to upgrading your network, there are a few key points that make up the base of any project:

  • Budget
  • The requirements to run your business
  • Quality of the system
  • Dependable installation company

No matter the project, all of those factors are required to achieve your end result. While budget plays a major roll, you will of course want to save money as much as possible and expect the best results. At Shoreworx Communications, we have exceptional service and products that we stand by with warranty. We also have competitive pricing and a knowledgeable team of technicians and customer service that will go out of our way to make your project run as smoothly as possible, enabling you to be able to focus on your company with the confidence that we will finish your project on time and budget while keeping you informed on the progress.

We work with all sizes of businesses, from huge multi-floor cabling projects to a smaller local business who may only need one drop for voice/data. The needs of our customers is our main goal. With that said, there is something to be said for the quality of the materials that you are budgeted for. There are several types of cables, which I have mentioned in other blogs recently. Each cable can handle different sizes and speeds of data transmission. While Category 5 cable is less expensive than Category 6e, Cat5 may not be enough to handle what you need. We will not suggest something that is more expensive unless it is absolutely necessary. We will provide the best price for the best cabling solutions.

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