Shoreworx is bringing you…..

Shoreworx is bringing you.....

The World’s First 32 Channel HD-TVI DVR

The 32 Channel HD-TVI SWD8432T-FA is absolutely the best high definition DVR you can invest to connect all your cameras and support your projects. Call Shoreworx today at 440-808-8448. We can schedule a free site visit with you and design a Surveillance System that will fit your needs today and in the future!

  • Capture High Definition with HD-TVI Technology
  • Tri-brid Technology supports analog, IP, and HD-TVI cameras
  • Self-Adaptive feature allows one BNC adapter to support TVI or analog
  • Save time and money

HD-TVI has taken over analog and can utilize existing co-axial cables to stream HD quality images!



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