On-Site WiFi Surveys

Wireless Access Points

Wireless coverage in your office building is critical; fast and reliable WiFi is just as important. Shoreworx Communications offers complete WiFi survey services, from analyzing your floor plan, recommending equipment, installation, and testing the coverage. Our technicians use several technologies that will identify the number of WiFi Access Points (AP) needed for your particular location. This is based on the size of the building, the number of users and the required speed of the network.

Post Installation Analysis and Troubleshooting

WiFi Network Heatmap

Shoreworx offers post-installation survey services for your WiFi network. Once the Access Points are installed, we use a heatmap (example shown to the left) to ensure coverage. We include a detailed PDF with information regarding your site, installation, Access Points, and suggestions for better coverage (if applicable).

Along with new Access Point installation, Shoreworx offers WiFi AP troubleshooting and service. Our technicians use several tools to identify troubled areas, slow/non-working Access Points, and areas of improvement. By performing a site survey, we can identify all current Access points and determine if they are properly placed, and make recommendations for better coverage.

New Equipment and New WiFi Standards.

The world of computing and networking is constantly changing and evolving. With better and faster speeds comes updated equipment, and eventually outdated equipment. Does your network seem to feel slower than it was in the past? It could be that the WiFi Access Points are not capable of handling fast speeds and need to be replaced.WiFi Standards are constantly updating, and older equipment may not be capable of handling the newer technology. The standards meet IEEE’s set of 802.11 wireless standards. Since the 1990's, these standards constantly evolve and change, with each standard having it's own unique name. For example, 802.11g and 802.11n are two of the more common standards in the US in 2018. For a complete listing, visit Actiontec, or Contact Us for a FREE site survey!

Let Shoreworx help identify slow or non-working Access Points and make recommendations for better equipment, we can alleviate the headaches of a slow network!

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