Professional WIFI Network Installation Services

Shoreworx offers full service wireless (Wi-Fi) network implementation. We can design, plan, and install your network from start to finish. Each wireless solution is custom designed for its location. Wireless networks have become very common in industrial, commercial, and retail environments. Shoreworx has installed wireless networks in environments such as: schools and universities, factories, warehouses, hotels, convention centers, hospitals, and business offices. We can install fiber optic and Ethernet networks to support wireless connectivity. We are specialists in: -Wireless Network Design -Wireless Site Surveys -Wireless Network Installations -Wireless Security -Wireless Performance Audits -Point-to-Point Wireless -Point-to-Multi-Point Wireless
Wireless Site Surveys Our wireless engineers will perform a comprehensive site survey of your facility to determine the best wireless LAN solution for your location. This service includes the following:
-Evaluate your specific project needs -Planning of the integration of new wireless LAN into your existing or new network -Perform radio frequency (RFID) test -Determine Access Point placement for minimal interference -Provide Wireless LAN Equipment list
Cabling Site Survey Our technician will perform a site survey of your facility to determine cabling needs to support the wireless LAN
-Identify MDFs (Main Distribution Frames) and IDFs (Intermediate Distribution Frames) -Locate cable pathways to each new WAP position -Plan cable runs and requisite cable mounting hardware
Solution and Quote Shoreworx will provide a comprehensive report that contains a wireless LAN plan customized to your site or facility Upon project approval, Shoreworx will order the necessary equipment to the job site. Cables and hardware will be provided at competitive pricing through our relationships with multiple distributors. Installation -Install security enclosures where necessary -Mount & connect new Wireless Access Points -Connect Backbone LAN to Wireless Switch/Monitoring Platform -IP Address Configuration/Network Engineering tasks

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