Structured Cabling Systems Installers: During a Site Survey

Once you have consulted with or hired a business phone systems Cleveland professional (network cable installer) you will need to schedule a day and time for them to come out to your location, whether it’s an existing or new location, to conduct a site survey.

The cabling professional will need to assess the location in order to provide you with a quote for the services you are in need of. A site survey is usually free but make sure to consult the installer beforehand in case it will cost you. Site surveys are a business opportunity for the installer and should not be charged for.

A site survey tells the installer about the layout of your office space, the environment, and the construction of the space. There are certain things you can do to make the site survey go smooth and quickly for both the installer as well as yourself.

Network cable installers will want to consult with floor plans

Make sure you or someone you trust will be at the location when the network cabling installer arrives and that they have the keys to both the office space as well as the minimum point of entry (MPOE). If there is a building manager or security guard at the location, make sure they have been notified that you (or someone representing you) and a 3rd party will be accessing the location. The installer will need to survey the MPOE, as many Local Exchange Carriers (LEC) will not extend the customers main Telco/Internet Circuit any further than their own designated room in the basement. This is why a Demark Extension may be necessary in addition to your internal office cabling needs.

If possible, have the floor plan to the space available for the network cable installers viewing. You can usually get plans from the cubicle company or designer you are purchasing from. If the cubicles are already installed, this won’t be necessary. This step in the survey will depend on whether you are moving into a brand new location or if you are staying in a space that you have already been occupying.

Assuming you are moving into a new space, most network cable installers will be looking at several different things in order to provide you with the most accurate quote. Network cable installers who will be running voice & data cabling will look for the type of construction (remember those ceilings?). This can make a difference in not only how much time and work it takes to install your communications system but also how much it will cost after all is said and done. Many local Electric Codes require the use of Plenum Rated cable in the ceiling spaces above your office. Your installer will know which cable is required and will need to take this into account when writing up your personalized estimate for services. (We will explain next time, why the need for Plenum rated cable is necessary)

They will also want to know where your server(s) will be housed because this will give them an idea of how much cabling they will be running. The installer will need to determine whether or not an intermediate distribution point (IDF) will be required. Larger spaces often times have several company divisions which may require, and benefit from, having multiple wiring closets. This is done to extend a network beyond 300 ft. from the main distribution point which is usually the server room or main wiring closet. It may also be necessary in an effort to separate logical divisions in a network.

A cabling professional will also want to determine whether they will need to utilize any special types of cabling. This could mean using Cat 6 instead of Cat 5e for space that may encounter interference in data transmission or fiber optic cable to connect remote IDF’s further than 300’ from the MDF or server room.

Once the installer has surveyed your location and gathered the necessary information, he or she will provide you with a written quote. A good site survey is one key to the success of your installation. It will help point out any areas of concern and will also help avoid any surprise change orders that sometimes occur during the installation. It’s always wise to get several quotes and find a professional who suits your budget and cabling needs. Pricing can vary depending on the different variables of your specific communications system needs as well as the installer himself. Keep in mind, the highest bid does not guarantee the best and most professional job nor does the lowest bid mean the installer isn’t experienced. Many business owners don’t understand the importance of a properly installed network cabling system. AtShoreworx, we want to earn your business and become your business network solution providing you with the best communications system for your business as well as your budget. We want to become your go to guy for any technology related need in the future. We want your business long term and we go the extra mile to earn it.

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