Things You Do Not Want To Do While Installing Cable

Structured cabling comes with standards to be followed. If you do not follow procedures mistakes happy, causing your system not to run correctly. Below is a list a few of those mistakes to avoid.

1. Using different cables for data and voice

Do not assume that you can use Category 3 for data and voice. A lot of companies are changing their phone systems to VoIP (Voice over IP), this requires data-level cabling. With this technology on the rise, it is recommended that you have the correct cabling installed in order to keep up with the ever evolving technologies.

2. Not planning for future

As mentioned above, technology is constantly improving. Along with that come the need to make room in your network for the future of your company. While technology evolves, business can pick up and can require additional employees to be added as your work load increases, as well as newer technologies. Shoreworx Communications will help you figure out what is the best course of action for your needs.

3. Cables being run parallel with electrical cables

Network cables must never be run parallel with electrical cables as it will cause interference or noise. This will cause your network to run slowly and in some cases, the signal may not make it from point A to point B at all. It is necessary to run them perpendicular with the electrical cables in the event that you must cross them.

4. Cable runs that are too long

There are limitations on how much information can be transmitted along cables; for instance, cabling with typical Ethernet up 1Gbps is 100 meters. If you run 10Gbps or 40Gbps you will need Category 6a or better in order to have a good transmission.

5. Cable testing not being completed

It is important to test each cable once they are run. This will ensure that the cable is working. Shoreworx Communications tests every cable that we run. If there is an issue with a cable, it will be taken care of right away. We will also provide you with a print out of the cable testing so that you know it is working properly.

Please call Shoreworx Communications today to schedule your free site survey for your network cabling needs. We are highly trained and will assist you in understanding the different options that are best for your network in order for you to make a decision. We can be reached any time at 440-808-8448. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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