UHD Video and Audio Cables from Black Box

UHD Video and Audio Cables from Black Box

New Cable Connectors for 4K Televisions and Audio Components

If you recently upgraded your TV to 4K, and did not upgrade your stereo equipment as well, you're not getting the full 4K experience. Stereo receivers and components must be 4K compatible, and in the past, connecting equipment to a 4K television via 4K audio pass through. This could include several cables and additional equipment, costing time and money to maintain. Industry leader Black Box  has created a new cable system designed to minimize the amount of cabling you need. These new cables are designed specifically for digital signage, control rooms, surveillance systems, medical optical imaging, and video wall applications, as well as for video extension for meeting rooms, home cinemas, and VR systems.

Credit: Cabling Installation Maintenance

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