What Can A Vandal Proof Security Camera Do For Your Home Or Business?

What Can A Vandal Proof Security Camera Do For Your Home Or Business?

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Take control by protecting your security cameras from vandals, including burglars and thieves. Vandal proof security cameras are an ideal way to monitor your property and record potential criminals in the act, without worrying about the lens being harmed. Many thieves, vandals, and burglars attempt to disable, damage, and destroy the camera with tough objects, so having a vandal proof camera is an important consideration to make. To ensure your cameras remain unharmed, install vandal proof security cameras for better, long-lasting surveillance coverage.


A vandal proof camera is designed to protect itself from thieves and burglars, who are armed with a wide-range of strategies to avoid getting caught on camera. Therefore, almost immediately, criminals will try to vandalize and tamper security cameras. For this reason, you want to buy a vandal proof security camera to help thwart a delinquent’s attempt to sabotage your valuable hardware. Vandal proof security cameras include many hardware features such as screws and metal housings that are extremely difficult to gain access to, and therefore be dismantled. Without a vandal proof security camera, an intruder can tear the camera apart with shear force, simply by using an object like a baseball bat.


The metal housings, which hold the camera’s important mechanical components safely inside its shell, are rugged in design and functionality. The intelligently designed camera enclosures protect the lens from damage and abuse. Many of the vandal proof security cameras today can even tolerate extreme climates and weather conditions without fail.

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