What Businesses Should Look For In A Structured Cabling Installer

What Businesses Should Look For In A Structured Cabling Installer

Certainly a business looking to upgrade their phone and/or computer network cabling will want to choose an IT/communications company that has several years, if not decades of past experience installing cabling for internet-protocol phone systems and computer networks. Just as important as years of experience is type of experience though. An IT/communications company with a number of experienced professionals that install data cabling on a regular basis is certainly going to trump one that has, say, a licensed electrician who is permitted to install communications wire but does not have the expertise to design a highly functional network. In other words, the benefits of a professional cabling installation by a qualified IT/communications company is more about the expertise of the person or persons actually designing and doing the install.

Building Evaluation and Costs

When comparing IT/communications companies to hire, cost of install is obviously going to be a determining factor in decision-making. One way to know if an IT/communications company is evaluating cost efficiently is to not only request a proposal of their costs, but to meticulously evaluate that proposal in order to determine what each of the costs actually are and if they’re really necessary.

In order for the IT service provider to evaluate cost, they will surely need to survey your actual building. Determining proper pathways and capacities are critical to performance. What type of building you’re in and the available places for wiring to be routed are also crucial. For example, an old Victorian converted into a business may need to have its walls opened up in order to install conduit tubing that wiring can fed through. A modern building is usually already equipped with conduit tubing. In addition, conduit tubing may not even be an option in a building that has concrete walls. In this case, running wiring along the girders of the building’s frame may be an option or routing cabling along a surface raceway system. Some buildings will have such wiring exposed (in which case the professionalism of the wiring installation makes an aesthetic difference). Others will have ceiling panels that hide the wiring, in which case the installer would then focus more on functionality and performance.

Contractors who look around, nod their heads and say they will be in touch are not what you need. Focus your attention on structured cabling contractors who assess the physical aspects of the facility, ask questions about how your company uses voice and data communications and then really listen to the responses. Therefore, your cost proposal should include not only obvious price considerations like the cost of labor and materials, but also considerations about the building itself and about best practices. Beyond that, new VoIP phone systems and computer networks have a plethora of options and requirements. Therefore, it’s important to be sure that the IT/communications company isn’t just selling you “the whole package,” but is instead able to sell you only what you need (without compromising performance)—with the option to add-on later if upgrades become necessary due to business expansion. Shoreworx Communications is skilled in structured cabling, as well as many other technological services.


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